Alex Perevezentsev

President of the Federation since 2014

Ukrainian Curling Federation welcomes you at the Federation website! Curling is a new sport to Ukraine, and we only start to learn about it. First the Federation would like to acquaint those who got interested in Curling with the Spirit of the noble game that was invented in the 16th Century in Scotland. The Spirit of Curling embodies skill and time-honored traditions. A true curler never attempts to distract opponents, nor to prevent them from playing their best, and would prefer to lose rather than to win unfairly. While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honorable conduct. I am convinced that these values shall be represented in the activity of the Federation and shall become the background for successful development of curling in our country. Hope, meeting curling that is also called “chess on ice” at the Federation’s website will promote you to participate in its development in Ukraine.

Natalia Menzhega

Executive Secretary since 2014

Having gone all the way since the 16th Century to the present Curling enjoys pride of place among winter team sports – curling was added to the official program of the Winter Olympic Games in 1998. World Curling Federation (WCF) opened the door to Ukraine’s associate membership in 2013. President of the World Curling Federation Kate Caithness generously welcomed the Ukrainian Curling Federation in the world curling Family and wished success in promotion of curling in Ukraine. The start as a rule takes much effort. However we are not afraid of facing challenges! We are sure the game will win favor in Ukraine.

Ivan Fedorenko

NOC of Ukraine Member

Curling is known to Ukrainian Olympic Winter sports fans primarily through TV broadcasting. Dynamic and roaring outwardly, this sport requires accurateness in shot execution, succeed with own tactics and take into account the opponent’s one. Curling without exaggeration is intellectual game in its dynamic form. Curling is a team game, where every player has an equal opportunity to show as individual skills so team spirit. I am looking forward to the moment when everyone, who wants to try curling, may join the game in Ukraine, and Ukraine shall be successfully represented at international sports arena.

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